Episode 10: You are Enough with Julie Foucher

Dr. Julie Foucher is a board-certified family physician and competed in the CrossFit Games from 2010-2015 where she consistently finished among the top 5 women with two podium finishes. While balancing the demands of her first year of medical school and training for the CrossFit Games, she became the second-Fittest Woman on Earth in 2012. Julie’s passion lies in bridging the gap between fitness and medicine to empower individuals to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Julie has completed her coursework through the Institute for Functional Medicine. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan in Biomedical Engineering and completed her medical school and residency training at the Cleveland Clinic. Julie also holds a Master’s in Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University and has completed the Integrative Medicine in Residency curriculum through the University of Arizona.

She continues to do CrossFit for health and longevity and hosts a popular health and fitness podcast called Pursuing Health.

To learn more about Julie:

Julie is most active on Instagram: @juliefoucher

Facebook: @JulieFoucherCF

Twitter: @Julie_Foucher

CrossFit Health: https://health.crossfit.com/

Wild Health: https://wildhealth.com/