Episode 9: The Flirtation Experiment with Lisa Jacobson

Lisa Jacobson is an author, a speaker, and the founder of Club31Women.com.

Her best-selling books on marriage include 100 Ways to Love Your Husband and her new book, The Flirtation Experiment, have inspired countless couples to strengthen their marriage and teach men and women how to love one another better. The Flirtation Experiment, is co-authored with Phylicia Masonheimer, and is perfect for the person who wants romance, passion, and the closeness that only comes from a deep heart connection. And the insights found within The Flirtation Experiment help put magic, mystery, and spark into your everyday marriage!

Her parenting books - 100 Ways to Love Your Son, and 100 Ways to Love Your Daughter - offer a simple but powerful path to a close and lasting relationship with your kids, no matter their age! Lisa and her husband, Matt, are also co-hosts of the popular FAITHFUL LIFE podcast.

They live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where they have raised their eight children. You can follow Lisa on Instagram at @club31women, and at learn more at www.Club31Women.com.