Episode 5: "Choose the Adventure Moment” with Elyse Murphy

Elyse Murphy is a writer, speaker, and influencer who is committed to using her platform to inspire people to live up to their God-given calling. She grew up as a pastors kid in Sydney Australia and, after graduating from Hillsong Leadership College, wrote her first book “Confessions of a Church Kid.” The book is a memoir about the good, the bad, and the ugly of growing up in church, and is now being updated for republishing soon. The candid conversations continued (and her passion to have them) when she moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to pursue ministry and found a whole new world of life and its lessons along the way. She’s currently in the process of writing her second book as a result.

Elyse inspires people in their life and challenges them in their faith, and her influence has expanded into media. She is the co-producer and host of “On A Lighter Note” with Lightworkers, and she works with various media outlets to create content that will help people find hope and have honest conversations about faith, health, and relationships. Elyse is co-creator of ClubDevotion - a space for women to connect around faith and friendship, and actually do life together. She’s currently working with Christine Caine and Propel to launch Propel Girl later this year.

In a world that is desperate to be seen, Elyse is on a mission to be known. And she wants to take everyone with her.

The method has changed, but her message is still the same: Your mess isn’t too messy for His grace. You can follow Elyse on Instagram @Elyse and follow Lightworkers @lightworkers