Episode 3: “Bring Your Best Self” with Noell Jett

Noell Jett joins the I Dare You Podcast and shares the unbelievable story behind her beautiful 3,700-square foot custom farmhouse—built by hand and savvy influencer marketing—and the key strategies she learned while overcoming a difficult past. Noell is a busy mom, social media influencer, and now an author. She and her husband, Daniel, and their family are the "JettSet," and millions follow their journey on Instagram and TikTok. 

From the Ground Up, Noell's new book is a metaphor for the life she's building for her family and delivers a compelling vision for people who want to discover how to overcome their pasts and achieve their dreams with grit and grace. 

Join the millions who connect with Noell on Instagram and TikTok @Jettsetfarmhouse and learn more at www.jettsetfarmhouse.com